50% of international companies don't think their payroll provider offers them value for money…

Are you one of them?

We facilitate our customers' international expansion, providing them with native SaaS solutions for HR & Payroll.

  • Our solutions look great, and are easy to navigate; your employees will love them!
  • You need data consolidation across the globe? With a click you have “One version of truth”. All data and processes for your entire extended workforce are kept in a single, central, secure place.
  • For everyone, everywhere. On any device. In real time. For a reasonable price. And with 100% compliance.

What's in it for you?

Go fast

  • The workforce is rapidly changing, and with so many millennials on the workfloor now, your company needs tools with a modern look & feel.
  • Intuitive apps with ease of use mean all your managers and employees will love our tool.

Get it done

  • Don’t worry about GDPR or other legal obligations: our local country specialists have it covered for you. A new era in payroll jobs, swapping error searches for alert monitoring in a unique environment.

Get it right

  • A disruptive international payroll framework to compare your personal costs whatever the country, and supplement compensation studies.
  • A commitment to be compliant to any national regulation and collective agreements updates.
  • An open configuration platform for each client to add your specific payroll rules and reinforce compliance at all levels.

Time is money

  • Save money and go for a lower TCO: a lower IT payroll cost than the sum of all your local payroll tools (even less than your current interfaces’ overall cost).
  • Save time: a faster implementation, thanks to preconfigured international and local regulations.
  • One contract / one contact: a single dedicated provider, whatever the country or development needed.
  • One service / one billing: a “get what you pay for” approach and a billing based on service delivered.

Any time, anywhere, any device

  • Ready for a workforce that is 50% free lance? All extended workforce-related data and processes are in a single, central, easily accessible place. For everyone. On any device. In real time.
  • A highly configurable solution to include any payroll characteristic, from country level to dedicated company rules, in order to automate payroll as much as possible.
  • Automated processes, calculations, alerts and reporting to help your payroll agents focus on alerts & changes rather than search for errors.
  • An international payroll dashboard to help you identify individual cost drivers and risks.

Designed for humans!

  • Use all your available people analytics to drive your HR & Business strategy.
  • Pre-defined mandatory reports and customised KPI-based reports give you one consolidated version of the truth.
  • A new era in payroll jobs, swapping error searches for alert monitoring in a unique environment.
  • A guided approach in the payroll process from calculation Launchpad, alerts monitoring centre, adjustment action plan to payroll closing.


Simplify payroll and optimize your HR administrative cost with an agile and innovative solution

Globe Payroll Place

  • A totally automated process for paying your workers, incuding your extended workforce, wherever they are based. Extremely user-friendly and flexible capabilities and configuration let payroll managers work on any device.
  • Key features: Intelligent Automated Control, Post Payroll, Continuous Payroll Calculation, International Payslip, Freeze, etc.

Currently available in France, Luxembourg and Australia, and now expanding across Europe and globally.

Globe People Core

  • All employee information, including your organisation’s broader extended workforce-related data and processes, in a single, central, easily accessible place. For everyone. On any device. With a superb user experience. In real time.
  • Flexible interfaces allow you to exchange information with other systems. Managing HR processes and preparing to calculate payroll just became a lot easier!

Currently available in 25 countries, and expanding globally.

Globe Intelligence Hub

  • All available people analytics can drive your HR & Business strategy. From pre-defined mandatory reports to customised KPI-based reports and complex analytics across all geographies.
  • You have permanent, cross-device, real-time access to a single, global, consolidated version of the truth.
  • Available worldwide.