The best cloud payroll solution for agile global companies

Secure what matters, leverage what values

GlobePayroll is the 1st global SaaS payroll solution to support companies in their international expansion

  • We provide a secure solution with global capability, to support all your employees’ payrolls in your international development
  • We make payroll simple and accurate, to foster your HR administration efficiency, streamline your processes and drastically reduce costs
  • We guarantee an easy and up to date configuration to all local regulations and social agreements


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Benefit from our unique solution

Go fast

  • A standalone solution covering Core HR, payroll management and post-payroll reporting and analytics.
  • An integrated solution combining the best Talent management solution and/or your current HRIS, via connectors or as a white label.
  • A fast deployment methodology, twice quicker than any other payroll project on the market.

Strive for efficiency

  • The leading solution to improve your payroll organization’s performance (including shared services).
  • The best solution to boost your payroll productivity to best-in-class level.
  • A unique SaaS environment allowing your payroll agents to work on several countries’ payrolls using the same processes and SLAs.

It’s time to monitor

  • A highly configurable solution to include any payroll characteristic, from country level to dedicated company rules, in order to automate payroll as much as possible.
  • Automated processes, calculations, alerts and reporting to help your payroll agents focus on alerts & changes rather than search for errors.
  • An international payroll dashboard to help you identify individual cost drivers and risks.
  • A standardization level never seen before.

Our global journey: it’s your call

  • Preconfigured countries and collective agreement regulations: currently France, Ireland & USA, including 20 major collective agreements configured for French companies.
  • An open roadmap shaped to clients’ needs (18 new countries in the coming 20 months).

Get it done

  • A new era in payroll jobs, swapping error searches for alert monitoring in a unique environment.
  • A guided approach in the payroll process from calculation Launchpad, alerts monitoring centre, adjustment action plan to payroll closing.

Get it right

  • A disruptive international payroll framework to compare your personal costs whatever the country, and supplement compensation studies.
  • A commitment to be compliant to any national regulation and collective agreements updates.
  • An open configuration platform for each client to add your specific payroll rules and reinforce compliance at all levels.

Designed for humans!

  • An intuitive interface, user-centric, created for HR agents.
  • A solution designed for the web, by web experts using cutting-edge technologies.
  • A responsive design, accessible on any device.

Designed for performance

  • A solution built from scratch: one code, one technology and one platform to ensure consistency, upgradability and performance.
  • An optimized IT architecture to ensure high level of IT performance and availability.

Time is money

  • Save money: a lower IT payroll cost than the sum of all your local payroll tools (even less than your current interfaces’ overall cost).
  • Save time: a faster implementation, thanks to preconfigured international and local regulations.
  • One contract / one contact: a single dedicated provider, whatever the country or development needed.
  • One service / one billing: a “get what you pay for” approach and a billing based on service delivered.

Information is money

  • The key lever to optimize your HR organization regarding administration and payroll.
  • Dashboards to monitor international costs and quickly identify discrepancies.
  • A control tower to reduce the cost of payroll errors.

The best solution to support your global footprint
and expansion

Simplify payroll and optimize your HR administrative cost with an agile and innovative solution

Global solution

  • French, Luxemburg & Australian payroll management available now!
  • 20 main collective agreements already configured and maintained in France
  • More than 20 other countries configured for Core HR and live with clients.
  • As a SaaS solution built from scratch to support any international regulation, GlobePayroll can manage all country, population and entity specifics.

Tell us where you stand, we’ll walk aside!

Integrated platform

  • GlobePayroll can be used as a standalone Core HR solution to support your main ‘Hire to Retire’ employee lifecycle.
  • GlobePayroll helps you manage your payroll and post-payroll activities more efficiently than ever.
  • Rethink payroll jobs: GlobePayroll’s analytics open a new era to build up global oversight capabilities.
  • GlobePayroll easily completes your Talent Management solutions, or can be used as a white label payroll module in your Core HR.

Define what you need, we’ll do the rest!